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    About Us

    "Where Innovation Meets Impact, Datayaan Solutions Leads the Way. Empowering Digital Progress Worldwide, Serving Communities Globally."

    Datayaan Solutions Private Limited is a niche IT Services and products company in MEPZ-SEZ, Chennai, India. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the technology landscape and specialize in delivering cutting-edge solutions and services on a global scale. We cater to areas encompassing BFSI, Healthcare, Transport and logistics, Retail, Telecom, Education, and agriculture.



    Transforming the financial sector with innovative IT solutions.


    Enhancing healthcare through cutting-edge technology.

    Transport & Logistics

    Revolutionizing transport and logistics with tech-driven solutions


    Modernizing agriculture with innovative IT solutions.


    Innovating the retail industry with advanced technology solutions.


    Empowering the telecom industry with advanced IT services.


    Shaping the future of education through technology.

    Technology Stack



    ETL & Data Analytics

    Data Science





    VR/AR & Others


    Why choose us

    Innovative Solutions

    Innovation is our strength, we strive hard to bring innovation in every solution that we provide to our clients. Our Solutions will be cost-effective and truly remarkable in the market, which will help our clients to stand tall among their competitors.

    Cutting Edge Technology

    Datayaan provides newest, most advanced version of a product or service. Our deep industry expertise can help you embrace the future of work and reshape your enterprise for what lies ahead.

    Right Value Propositions

    Datayaan provides accurate and needed solutions for the client to increase their sales & revenue by retaining their customers in every possible way.

    Digital Engineering

    To initiate our clients' journey, we offer a Digital Foundry for rapid prototyping and scalable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development. This holistic approach underlines our commitment to helping clients capitalize on the transformative potential of the digital landscape.

    Product Engineering

    Our product engineering prowess plays a pivotal role in our service delivery. We employ a cloud and mobile-friendly approach, following an agile model bolstered by test automation. This combination allows us to not only accelerate time-to-market but also build a competitive advantage for our clients. 

    Cognitive Solutions

    The Cognitive Solutions at Datayaan - India is focussed on developing the next generation of cognitive technology solutions and services to fundamentally change the way Datayaan interacts with computers, people, and enterprise scale systems.

    Blockchain Solutions

    Our integrated blockchain solutions empower financial firms to harness blockchain's potential. These offerings adhere to core guiding principles with a reference implementation. A sponsorship model ensures controlled onboarding of participants and governance mechanisms. Trusted processing nodes, a distributed ledger with role-based access, and digitally signed information enhance solution integrity and privacy

    Enterprise Security

    A global threat marketplace collaborates and innovates to attack organizations 24/7. Today’s digital enterprise needs a new style of protection. Datayaan draws on decades of enterprise security experience and powers much of the world’s security intelligence to uncover vulnerabilities, identify threats and neutralize them so that, instead of simply reacting, you can proactively counter your adversary.

    Mobile Enabled

    The boundaries between work and leisure are becoming increasingly blurred. This is mainly due to today’s technology that lets you work anywhere. Executives and sales professionals want to access up-to-the-minute facts and figures ON THE GO without laborious login and authentication procedures.



    Talk to us, if you have any problem or pain area. We will dig deeper to understand the root cause.

    Get Ideas

    Through effective brainstorming, we will fabricate an idea to change the way you do business.


    We don't just give an idea and sit back, we will help you to implement it and monitor the results.

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